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Trinitarios started in New York City as a prison gang within the NY City Dept of Corrections and then the State DOC, during the early 1990s (1993). They were formed as a protection gang for Dominican inmates who were drug dealers, gang members from Dominicans Don’t Play, Los Papi Chulos, Dominican Power and Dominican Posse, because the Latin Kings and Netas were the dominant force in the jail/prison system at the time.  Most of the  members of the Trinitarios, also called Trinitarians, were jailed on drug charges and weapons charges. As the members were released, some remained in the gang and called themselves the Trinitarians/Trinitarios because they wanted their own identity, especially separate from the largest Dominican gang in New York which was the Dominicans Don’t Play. 

The word “Trinitario”  means “The Trinity” or “Special One”. Trinitarians currently do not affiliate with other gangs and are rivals with Bloods (Ruff Ryders, Dip Set), Crips (FOLK), Latin Kings, Netas, D.D.P (Dominicans Don't Play), Bones (Mexican), and a dozen others. They have been seen on several video recording beatings of rival gang members and street robberies on YouTube (Oct 2007)

Trinitarios, currently, are the fastest growing gang in the New York/New Jersey area.  They are seeking to establish themselves as the most violent gang and are willing to show their merit but they are still pale compared to the most violent gang in the northeast:  The Bloods!


7 Poppin' all Droppin' Nation
DPL:  Dios Patria Libertad - Numbers may be used to represent DPL.  These numbers are usually disguised as 41-6-12 but actually are the fourth, sixth and twelfth letters of the alphabet representing 4-16-12 (DPL)
OT (Original Trinitario)
Green Bandana or Green beads
Green clothing
Red, White, Blue (Dominican Flag)

SOURCE: Lou Savelli, NYPD (retired)




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