Tango Blast Prison Gang

Puro Tango Blast, or Tango Blast - Although anyone can join, TB is a collection of various regionally-based groups (home boys or homies) of mostly Hispanic gang members  who have banded together for protection from established the older, violent prison gangs, now mostly known as Security Threat Groups (STG).

The TB has no hierarchy which is appealing to the members.  Neither does it have a set initiation procedure for joining.  One initiation used is a "beat-in" where a prospect must fight several other members.  If he lasts and does not surrender, he is inducted into the gang.  Another appealing aspect of the gang is the fact that when an inmate is released from prison, he is free to leave the gang and does not continue to owe allegiance the gang.

Generally, Tango members identify themselves by sport team logos or area codes from their home town or region. These following four Tangos represent the earliest Tangos to form in Texas.

Austin - known as Capiruchas and use the Texas capitol building as their symbol.

Dallas - known as D-Town and may use the Dallas Cowboys football logo - a 5 point star. 

FortWorth - known as Foritos, may use the 817 area code as their symbol. 

Houston - known as Houstones and may use the Houston Astros baseball logo - a broken 5 point star.

Other areas of Texas have their own Tangos, notably West Texas, known as Puro West or Wesos, often displaying the area codes 806 or 432, or the numbers 23-20 representing the 23rd and 20th letters of the alphabet - W T. Other sets are the Valley, known as Vallucos, San Antonio, known as Orejones , Corpus Christi, known as Corpitos and El Paso, known as Chucos.

The following full length video appeared on the History Channel program, Gangland as part of their on-going series about street and prison gangs.  TIME: 42 MINUTES

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