Gang Slang terms - O to Z

The slang terms listed below may or may not be used by gangs in your area.

Slang Terms 


OB - Original Banga

OG - Original Gangster; usually the founder of the set; upper echelon of leadership in the gang

OPP - Other Peoples Property

OZ - Ounce of drugs

Opposites - Enemies

Orale - Hey, OK, Right on

Original Gangster - A leader; usually the founder of the set; one who moved up to the top, sometimes through attrition


P's - Pachucos

PV - Por Vida; Spanish for; "for life"; "always"

Pachucos - Hispanic street gang formed during the early 1940's; involved in "Zoot suit" riots in L.A.

Packing - To have a gun on your person

Paisa - A Mexican National

Peace out - See you later; goodbye

Peckerwoods - A Caucasian; cracker (Southern slang)

Pedaso - Spanish for piece - A pedaso is a prison shank

Peep - Look at; listen up; used by Five Percenters to describe the new followers who are learning the philosophy of the group

Pee wees - Young gang members; used as runners and look-outs

Pelon - Spanish moniker meaning "bald" or "baldy"

PEN1 - Public Enemy Number One

People Nation - An alliance of many gangs; gangs within this nation wear symbols and identifiers on the left side of the body

Pico Hielo - Spanish for "ice pick"

Piru - Los Angeles street where Bloods originated; nick name for Bloods

Placa - a gang member's street name

Player - Gang member

Played out - Something that is no longer used

Pop goes the weasel - To kill someone

PoPo - Police

Ports - Windows of an automobile

Por vida - Spanish for: "for life"; "always"

Posse - Synonymous with gang; primarily used on East Coast; Jamaican gang members

Primo - marijuana cigarette laced with cocaine

Puro 13 - Meaning "Pure 13"; a reference to Southern California allegiance

Puta - Spanish for "prostitute"

Put 'em in check - To discipline someone

Put in work - Doing an enemy; do a shooting; a mission

Puto - Spanish for "homosexual"

Puto mark - Crossing out or disrespecting another gangs graffiti


Que pasa - Spanish for "What's happening?"

Que paso - Spanish for "What happened?"

Queen - Female gang member


RIP - Rest In Peace; used in graffiti as a sign of past or futur violence

Rack up - Shop lift in large quantities

Rag - Gang colors

Rata - An informant; snitch

Red Rum - Murder spelled backwards

Red Zone - Prepare for war; get ready

Relative - Blood term for homeboys

Ride - Car

Ride on - To go to a rival gangs neighborhood or turf to fight or do a drive-by shooting

Rifa, rifamos - Spanish slang meaning "We rule", "We reign", "We are the best"

Right Hand Soldier - Term used by some BGD; meaning 2nd in command next to Original Gangster

Rip-off - Steal/take; as in taking drugs from a dealer

Road Dog - Homie; partner; close friend

Rockafella - Rock him to sleep; kill him

Rock star - Crack cocaine user

Rolled up - Arrested

Rollin one time - 5-0 (police) are coming

Rooster - Piru (Bloods)

Rosco - Gun (usually a hand gun)

Ruby Red - Girl; woman; lady; bitch


SLA - Symbionese Liberation Army

SMM - Sex, Money, Murder

STR8 - STR plus 8 = "straight"

SWP - Supreme White Power; also Salvadorians With Pride

sXe - Symbol representing "Straight Edgers

Saggin - Wearing pants real low; gangstering

Salami's - Derogatory term for Muslims

Sandwich - To stab a victim using two or more assailants, thereby sandwiching the     victim

Satin Disciples - White (Caucasian) Disciples gang members

Scarface - New York Bloods

Scary Dudes - Latin Kings

Scrap - Derogatory term used by Norteņo (Northern California) gang members to describe Sureņo (Southern California) gang members

Seeing eye nigga - I've got your back covered

Sell out - To sell out your race; your set; your gang

Set - Neighborhood gangs; term used for a gang by members of street gangs. Many sets are loyal to the Bloods, Crips, or People or Folks Nations.

Set tripping - To jump from one gang to another

Shank - Home-made prison knife

Shaolin - Reference to Staten Island (NY)

Shift Gears - To jerk a knife around in circular motions while it is embedded in the torso of the target in an effort to cause massive trauma and death

Shive - Home-made prison knife

Shot caller - Gang member in charge

Shovel time - Time to kill or bury someone

Six pack - Police line up of six individuals

Slanging - Selling cocaine on the streets

Slipping - Not being alert; not paying attention

Sleeved - Members arms covered with tattoos

Slob - Crips derogatory name for Bloods

Snow cone - An ice pick (used as a weapon)

Soflon - Spanish for informant; snitch; stool pigeon

Soldier - Lower echelon gang member; performs tasks and commits crimes as ordered

Stall it out - To stop doing something; discontinue

Stinger - Prison term: a home-made electrical device to heat water

Store - Prison commissary

Straight (Str8) - For real; serious

Straight Edgers (sXe) - White vegetarians who denounce alcohol, tobacco, and drugs; some prone to violence

Strapped - To be packing (carrying) a gun

Strawberry - A white prostitute on crack cocaine

Sudan - Five Percenters name describing Dallas, TX

Sup - What's up

Sur 13 - Sur - Spanish meaning "south" - 13 indicates allegiance to Southern California

Surat - Derogatory term for Sureņo

Sureņo /Sureņo 13 - Spanish meaning "southern" or "from the south"; 13 synonymous with south


T4L - Thug 4 Life; Thug For Life

TG - Tiny Gangster (young gang member)

TS - Texas Syndicate prison gang

TTTT - Tattoo used by Asian gangs; represents: Tihn (love) Tien (money), Tu (prison), Toi (crime)

Take him out of the box - To kill someone

Tat - Tattoo

Terror Dome - Attica Prison (NY)

Texas Syndicate - Hispanic prison gang

The torch is lit - Gang hit

Thug Life - Popular graffiti and tattoo; also: (1) Blood term: I love my Blood set; (2) Folks Nation Term - "Traditional Hoover UnderGround referring to nations leader Larry Hoover

Thumper - Gun

Tipped up - Member of STG (prison gang)

Tools - corrections terms for weapons

To the curb - Broke; no money or drugs

Toss up - A girl used for sex

Trece - Spanish meaning "13" - term used by Hispanics to show allegiance to Southern California

Trey eight - 38 caliber pistol

Turbo - Marijuana cigarette laced with cocaine

Turf - Gang territory; usually in a neighborhood

Turning out - Disrupting with violence


UBL - Undying Blood Love

UBN - United Blood Nation - an alliance of Blood sets

Up on it - To know about the drug scene; doing well


VL - Vice Lords street gang

Varrio - Spanish meaning "neighborhood"

Vato - Spanish meaning "man", "guy", "dude"

Vato Loco - Spanish meaning "crazy dude", "gangster"

Veterano - Oldest of the gang members; veteran; former member

Vice Lords - Chicago's oldest street gang

Vicky Lou's - Derogatory name for Vice Lords

Vida Loca - Crazy life


WAR - White Aryan Resistance

Wave - Short hair cut

Waz up - What's up; what's happening

West Asia - Five Percenters name describing San Francisco, CA

Wet 'em up - Rap slang: to make someone bleed as in stabbed or shot

What it B like - Bloods member greeting

What it C like - Crips member greeting

Word - O.K.; all right


X3 - 13; relates to Southern California Hispanics

X4 - 14; relates to Northern California Hispanics

XIII - 13; relates to Southern California Hispanics

XIV - 14; relates to Northern California Hispanics

XV3 (18) - 18th Street Gang


YG - Young Gangster - A new member

Y Que - Spanish meaning "So what?" or "What are you going to do about it?"

Ya basta - That's enough (not slang)


Z - Frequently replaces letter "S" as in Gangstaz, Thugz for life

Zip gun - Home made pistol






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