Gang Slang terms - I to N

The slang terms listed below may or may not be used by gangs in your area.

Slang Terms 


IG - Imperial Gangsters street gang

IGC - Insane Gangster Crip (west coast)

INP - International Posse; a multicultural Florida based gang

Inca - Highest ranking officer in the Latin Kings

Indios - Spanish for "indian"; used by Barrio Azteca towards fellow gang members

Ink - Tattoos

In The Hat - To be on the hit list

Insane Gangster Crips - West coasts set

In the clouds - High on drugs

In the mix - Gang activity

Issue - Crime or problem


J-1 - Penal code for murder in Kansas

Jacked - Robbed - usually at gun point

Jacked up - Beaten or assaulted

Jammed - Confronted

Jefe - Spanish for "boss" or "chief"

Jet - To run away

Jive - Used instead of "five" by Black Gangster Disciples

Jive Percenter - Used by Five Percenters for someone who does not truly represent the Five Percenters

Joto - Spanish for "homosexual"

Jugetes - Spanish for toys - Guns or shanks

Jump out - Hit the streets

Jumped in - Initiation into a gang

Jumped out - Process of leaving a gang; usually requires person to survive a beating by 2 or more members

Jumping in - Initiation into gang; requires person to survive beating to show no fear and to defend honor

Junta - Spanish for meeting


KKK - Ku Klux Klan

Keep it moving - Forever represent (rep) your set

KHMER - Refers to Khmer Rouge, a Cambodian revolutionary force; found on Asian gang members as a tattoo or in graffiti

Kibbles - N - Bits - Crumbs of cocaine

Kicking it - Taking it easy; relaxing

Kicks - Sneakers

Killa - Killer

Kite - Illegal written prison correspondence; a letter

Knocked - Killed

Ku Klux Klan - White supremacists; Violent history dates to post Civil War

Kool - Everything's all right; it's O.K.


L,L,L,W,U,K - Love, Life, Loyalty, Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge - used by Folk Nation

LKK - Latin King Killer

LR - La Raza; Spanish term meaning "Race"

La Clica - Spanish slang for La Eme

Lady in red - My bitch (lady); Bloods

La Eme - Spanish for the letter "M" - Refers to the Mexican Mafia prison gang

La Mariposa - Spanish for the butterfly - used as an alternate name for La Eme

La Trece - Spanish for "the 13"; a reference to Southern California allegiance

Lame - Boring; pitiful as in "That's a lame excuse."

La Raza - Spanish meaning: Race (ethnicity); has been adopted as a gang name in some areas

La Vida Loca - Spanish for "the crazy life"

Lechugas - Members of the unrecognized faction of the Eme

Lista - The hit list

Live hook up - Phone call made from jail or prison to the outside world

Lizard butt - Ugly girl

Llanta - Spanish for tire - Used as a derogatory term to describe Blacks

Llavero - A Mexican Mafia associate who servers as a leader on the prison yard

Loc - Loco; crazy (also lok)

Locs - Dark sun glasses; Folks Nation members

Lodo - Spanish for mud - used to describe heroin

Looking to machine - Seeking sex

Lord Allah - Five Percenters name describing Los Angeles, CA

Low budget - Cheap girl (date)


MM - Mexican Mafia prison gang

MMM - Money, Macks, (weapon) and Murder; money, mayhem, and murder; sometimes money, making more money, and murder

Made The Olympic Diving Team - Means that a person had entered into protective custody (PC)

Maquina - Spanish for machine - Refers to the daily exercise routine that the Sureņos mandatorily in

Mexikanemi - Unrecognized Texas faction of the Eme

MOB - Member Of Bloods; Money Over Bitches

MOM - Member of Mecca; tattoo worn by a member of the Five Percenters

MSB - Money, Sex, Bitches

MS 13 - Mara Salvatrucha (13 represents South)

Make it hot enough - Prepare for war

Man, The - Police

Maricon - Spanish for "homosexual"

Mark - A wannabe gang member

Marano - Spanish for "pig"; refers to corrections or law enforcement officers

Married - Joined a street or prison gang

Mecca - Name describing Harlem, NY

Medina - Five Percenters name describing Brooklyn, NY

Mission - Contract "hit"; drive by shooting

Mi vida loca - Spanish for "My crazy life"; depicts gangs attitude to life in general

Moniker - Street name; nick name

Morocco - Five Percenters name describing Seattle, WA

Mota - Spanish slang for marijuana

Mushroom - An innocent by-stander in a drive-by shooting

My bad - It's my fault; my mistake

My nine - 9 mm semi-automatic pistol


N/H - Neighborhood

NF - Nuestra Familia - Hispanic prison gang

NLR - Nazi Low Riders - white supremacist street and prison gang

NS - Northern Structure - Hispanic prison gang

NSWP - Neo Supreme White Power

Nation - An alliance or affiliation of many gangs

Nation of Gods and Earths - Five Percenters; God represents the Black man; Earth represents the Black woman

New Jerusalem - Five Percenters name describing State New Jersey

Ņeta - Hispanic gang that formed in prison system in Puerto Rico. Now a very powerful prison gang found mainly in east coast prison systems

Nickel - A 5-year prison sentence

Nickel Bag - $5 worth of drugs

Nickel Bags - Derogatory term for Five Percenters

Norte - Spanish for "north"

Norteņo/Norte 14 - Spanish for"northern" or "from the north"

Northern Structure - Hispanic prison gang

Notches ' number of hits in which someone has participated

Nosedrops - Drugs; narcotics

Nuestra Familia - Prison gang - Spanish for "Our Family"

Nuttin but gangster - Keeping it real


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