Gang Slang terms - E to H

The slang terms listed below may or may not be used by gangs in your area.



Efe - Spanish for letter "F" - refers to Nuestra Familia prison gang

E-Ricketts - Enemy; Crips

Easy walkers - Tennis shoes

Eight ball - 1/8 ounce of cocaine

El Rukns - Black street gang (originally Black P Stone Nation)

Eme - Spanish for letter "M" - refers to Mexican Mafia priso gang

Emero - A Mafioso

Emi - Name sometimes used by Mexikanemi prison gang

Ene Efe - Spanish for letters "N" & "F"; refers to Nuestra Familia prison gang

Enforcer - Gang member who disciplines members for rules violations

Ese - Hispanic slang - "Hey, man"; "Hey, dude

Ese vato - Hispanic slang - "Hey, dude"; that person

Esseys - Black street gang slang for Hispanics

Everything is everything - It's all right

Expect Rain/Thunder - Expect trouble


F-14 Bulldogs - California prison gang with street gang chapters; Origin: Fresno, CA (14 represents Northern CA.)

False Flagging - Flashing a sign or symbol by a non-gang member

Farmero - Derogatory term for a Nuestra Familia prison gang member

Featherwood/peckerwood - A weatherwood is a white female gang member; a peckerwood is a white male gang member

Feria - Spanish for loose change; money

Fiero - A prison knife or shank

Fila - Knife

Five Nine Brims - Blood rules; 59 Brims-San Diego Blood set

Five Percenters - A group that teaches that the Black man is God

Flaco - Spanish for "skinny"; used as nick name

Flag - Gang colors

Flashing - Displaying hand signs

Flip - To cooperate with law enforcement

Floatin - Driving fast

Floss - To show off

Flue - Derogatory term for color "blue"

Flying the flag - Wearing the gang colors

Folks Nation - An alliance of many gangs; all gangs of this nation use symbols or other identifers on the right side of the body

Foot soldiers - Lowest rank in the set, crew, etc.

Four five - 45 caliber semi-automatic pistol

Free air - Released from jail or prison

Friday 13th - Attica Prison (NY)

Frog - A girl with no morals (hops into bed with anyone)

From womb to tomb - Blood 4 Life

Fugly - Extremely ugly

Full gear - Blood colors (red)


G - Slang for "gangster" - for members of the Five Percenters, letter "G" represents a belief that 5%ers are God

G27 - Prison gang formed in Puerto Rico - has reached U.S. east coast and may be found in several prison systems

GD - Gangster Disciples; also Growth and Development for political reasons

GKB - Gangsta Killer Bloods

Gage - Shot gun

G-ride - A stolen vehicle

Game - Criminal activity

Gang bang - To fight with rival gang members

Gang banger - Gang member

Gang banging - Involved in gang activity; usually criminal

Gangsta - Term for "gangster"

Ganja - Marijuana

Gated out - Released from prison

Gauge - Shotgun

G Down - To get dressed up

Gear - Clothing

Get down - Fighting

Generic - A fake

Get jammed - To be accosted

Get off the gate - Get it on: to start fighting

Getting Busy - Doing drive-by shootings, robberies, etc.

Get some gone - Get out of my face

Gettin some digits - Getting someone's telephone number

Ghetto Star - Drug dealer; A "hood" celebrity

Ghost - To disappear; get lost

Gig - A gang gathering (party, dance)

Give him the big picture - meaning to "hit" someone

Give him a bus ticket home - meaning to "hit" someone

Ghost Town - Bronx, NY

G-name - Gang members street name or monicker

Glass house - A four door automobile (lots of windows or ports))

God Body - A name sometimes used by members of the Five Percenters when referring to themselves or another member

Going Off - Acting crazy

Going on line - To join a gang

Got it going on - A successful person; successful gangster

Graffiti - Signs, symbols, writings, defining a gang's neighborhood, turf, or territory

Green light - The OK to kill someone

G-ster - Short for gangster


H8 - Hate; "H" plus eight = hate

HBS - Hanging, Banging, Slanging; Hanging out, Banging, Selling dope

HPL - Hermanos de Pistoleros Latinos - Hispanic prison gang

Ham sandwich - Derogatory term for Muslims

Handle - To arrange a hit

Hard Candy - A phrase used to describe an assault with intent to kill

Hardcore - Extreme; big time gangster

Hardcore gang member - May be the leader; usually the most violent and street wise

Hard Rules - A rule that if broken, is punishable by death

Hermanos de Pistoleros Latinos - Hispanic prison gang

He's from no where - No gang affiliation

High numbers - Large denominations of money

High rollin - Making money; dealing in drugs

High roller - Usually the leaders who control the drug dealing; those who reap the profits

Hit - A killing

Hittin up - Putting up graffiti

Holding down - Controlling turf or an area

Holding Aces - I'm unarmed; I need a gun

Holmes - Home boy

Home boy - A fellow gang member from the same neighborhood

Home grown - Born in the hood; a brother from the South

Homey - homie From the same neighborhood; a fellow gang member

Homos - Derogatory term for etas

Hood - Neighborhood; a gangster

Hood Rat - A Black prostitute on crack cocaine

Hooked up - Affiliated with a gang

Hook me up - Set up a deal

Huila - Spanish slang for "kite or note"


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