Gang Slang terms - A to D

The slang terms listed below may or may not be used by gangs in your area.

Gang Slang


AB - Aryan Brotherhood

ABG - Anybody Gets It

ABT - Aryan Brotherhood of Texas

ADR - Used by Latin Kings; Spanish: Amor de Rey (love to the king)

AKIA - A Klansman I Am (KKK)

AKIGY - A Klansman Is Greeting You

ALKN - Almighty Latin King Nation

AN - Aryan Nation (use the guise of religion)

ANP - American Nazi Party

AOK - Always Out Killing

AP or AP 13 - Armenian Power gang

ARM - Aryan Resistance Militia

A Buster - A fake or imitation

A-Town - Atlanta, GA

Abeja - Aryan Brotherhood

Academy - Prison or jail

Ace Kool - Best friend; backup

Ad Seg - Administrative Segregation; prison disciplinary unit

Adidas - Used by Crips; All Day I Destroy A Slob (Bloods)

Agua - Spanish for water - used as slang for Meth (methamphetamine)

AK - Semi-automatic weapon;AK-47

Alice - Aryan Brotherhood

All Is Good - Term used by People Nation

All Is One - Term used by Folks Nation

All Is Well - Term used by People Nation

Almighty Latin King Nation - Hispanic street gang

Always and forever - Blood for life

Answer up - Bloods; Respect your superiors orders

Approved For The Hood - Approved for membership in the Aryan Brotherhood

Aryan Brotherhood of Texas - White supremacist prison gang


BP - Brown Pride (Hispanic)

BFL - Blood For Life

BG - Baby gangster; very young member

BGD - Black Gangster Disciple; also known as Better Growth and Development in attempt to improve image

BGDN - Black Gangster Disciple Nation

BGF - Black Guerrilla Family prison gang

BHB - Bounty Hunter Bloods

BIH - Burn in hell

BK - Blood Killer - term used by Crips

BKA - Blood Killer Always

BLA - Black Liberation Army - terrorist group

BMW - Bob Marley Wheels - Used by Jamaican Posses as a tribute to Bob Marley - BMW is favorite automobile of the posses

BNG - Bahala Na Gang - Filipino street gang

Bomb - Marijuana laced with heroin

Bombita - Slang for Tri-City Bombers

BOS - Brothers of Struggle - prison faction of Gangster Disciples; also Beat On Sight

BOSS - Brothers of Steady Struggle (same as BOS)

BPP - Black Panther Party

BPSN - Black P Stone Nation gang

BTK - Born To Kill; Vietnamese street gang

BWP's - Bitches With Problems

B Queen - Female member of Bloods

B's Up C's Down - Disrespect of Crips by Bloods

Baby Gangster - Very young (7-12 years) children, who are used by gang to act as lookouts, hold drugs, guns, etc.

Bad Bone - I don't trust him

Baile - To fight (from Spanish verb meaning to dance)

Baller - A high rolling gang member (making money)

Bandera - Spanish for "flag"; refers to gang colors

Bang'em - Kill a Crip

Banger - Gang member

Bangin'- Gang fighting or violence; being in a gang

Barrio (Varrio) - Spanish for "neighborhood"

Base-head - Person hooked on "coke"

Bay - Pelican Bay State Prison, California

Be down - Loyalty; defends set during adversity

Be on the nut, to: To be broke

Beemer - BMW automobile

Being made - The process of being inducted in to the Mexican Mafia (La eMe)

Benzo - Mercedes Benz automobile

Be Real - Prepare for war

Beggars - Derogatory term used by Bloods for Muslims

Big Boy - Upper echelon (leader) gang member

Big Homey - A Mexican Mafia member

Big sleep, the: Death

Binki - A prison made hypodermic needle

Bitch - Someone who does not show respect; a sucker

Bitch mark - A razor slash across the face to let others know the individual is on the hit list.

Blaaaat - The Blood sound or saying to let others know something is happening. (An assault, meeting, a disciplinary)

Black Hand - The symbol of the California, Arizona, and Federal factions of the Mexican Mafia

Blast - To assault someone on sight

Blob - Crips derogatory term for Bloods

Block rep - An individual who is responsible for Eme and Sureño activities in a cell block

B L O O D - Blood Love Overcomes Our Depression or Brotherly Love Overrides Oppression & Destruction

Bloods - Black street gang originated in Los Angeles

Blood alley - A location on the lower yard of San Quentin State Prison where hits often took place.

Blood In - Initiation - Initiated member must shed someone's blood; may include murder

Blood Out - Member's blood spilled to get out of gang

Blood In-Blood Out - Mexican Mafia motto; A requirement to join some gangs - to join, you must kill someone; your death (natural or by being killed) is the only way out of the gang

Blood Killer - Term used by Crips

Blow Man - Gang member selected to shoot or kill someone

Blue Birds - Believed to be the original name of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang

Blue Notes - An organized sub-set of the Crips in the California prison system

Blunt - A cigar with most tobacco removed and replaced with marijuana; may also be laced with cocaine

Body Shop - Clinton Correctional Facility (NY); used by Bloods

Bomba - Bomb

Bone crusher - A very large homemade prison knife - a shank

Boned out - Quit; chickened out; left

Bone Yard - An  area where conjugal visits occur in prison.

Book - To run away or leave

Boot Hill - Prison cemeteries at Folsom and San Quentin State Prisons in California

Born Mecca - Five Percenter's name describing Baltimore, MD

Bote - Jail (Spanish)

Bounce - To go somewhere; to leave

Bow gun - a prison made cross bow

Bowling ball - An automobile painted with speckled paint

Brace Ya Self - Chill; fall back

Brand - Tattoo

Brand, the - The Aryan Brotherhood prison gang

Break - Run; get away

Breakdown - A shotgun

Bro - A brother

Brother - A full fledged Mexican Mafia gang member

Bud - Marijuana cigarette

Buck - Prison made alcohol; home brew

Bucket - Old junky car

Bull - Meaning: Bloods Usually Live Longer

Bullet - One year in custody

Bumble bee - Latin Kings

Bumper kit - A girl's rear end

Bunny Hunters - Bounty Hunters

Burgers - Derogatory term for Latin Kings

Burners - guns

Bust a cap - To shoot at someone

Busted - Shot at someone; to be arrested

Buster - A fake gang member - derogatory term for Norteño

Busters, The - The police


CAT - Crippin' All (the) Time

CFL - Crip For Life

CK - Crip Killer - term used by Bloods

CVL - Conservative Vice Lords gang

C Queen - Female Crips member

C World - Crips World

C's Up B's Down - Disrespect of Bloods by Crips

Cacuchones - Spanish slang for cops or prison guards

Calcos - Spanish slang for shoes

Calienton - Spanish for heater - Often used to describe a beating

Califas - Hispanic slang for Southern California

Call it a day - To drop out of La Eme - Someone who has entered protective custody

Camarada - A trusted associate of the Mexican Mafia

Candy land - Green Haven Correctional Facility (NY)

Canton - Spanish slang for cell

Carnal - Hispanic prison/street gang member; a brother

Carnal de Palabra - Spanish for brother of word - A phrase used to describe an influential Eme member

Carnala - Hispanic female "sister"

Catorce - Spanish for number "14"

Chansa - Chance

Chapete - Spanish slang for a stupid or worthless person

Check it out - Listen to what I am saying

Check in - To go into protective custody

Checked in - Used by Hispanics; meaning to be initiated into a gang

Chicha - Spanish slang for prison made wine

Chill out - Stop doing that; cool it; calm down

Chillin - Hanging out; relaxing

Chill Town - Long Island; Coney Island

Chip dog - Gang member who skims money, drugs

Chipping - Infrequent or occasional use of narcotics

Chirujo - Spanish slang for a homosexual

Chiva - Slang: Spanish for heroin

Chola - Hispanic girl involved with gangs

Cholo – Hispanic male involved with gangs

Cho-mo - Child molester

Christmas Tree - A prison shank cut into the shape of an Christmas tree so as to prevent the victim from extracting it from his body

Chuco - Derived from "Pachuco"; an early 1940's Hispanic gang member; also slang for El Paso, Texas

Clean House - A process where Eme members murder fellow members to get rid of non-productive members

Clica - Spanish slang for "gang"

Clique - Synonymous with gang

Cold Storage - Solitary confinement (prison)

Come with power - Bring your gang; a gang fight

Contract - An ordered homicide

Colors - Item of clothing worn to signify gang membership

Cop - To get, to steal

Cop Shop - Police station

Co-sign - Orders given and approved by another authority

Corpitos – Term used by Hispanic inmates when referring to Corpus Christi, Texas.

Courting in - Initiation process - fighting 2 or more gang members for a set number of seconds (usually 15 to 30)

Courting out - Departing member fights 2 or more gang member for a set number of seconds (usually 15 to 60)

Cousin - Enemy of Bloods (Crips)

Crab - Derogatory name for Crips - used by Bloods

Crank it - Turn the music up loud

Crew - Synonymous with gang

C.R.E.A.M. - Cash Revolves Everyday Around Me

Cripos - Spanish slang for Crips

Crips - Black street gang originating in Los Angeles

Crip Killer - Term used by Bloods, Latin Kings

Crippin' - Involved in gang banging- used by Crips

Cuartito - Spanish slang for 1/4 gram of heroin

Cuete - Gun (Spanish)

Cuerno De Chivo - Spanish slang for AK-47

Curb service - To sell narcotics (usually crack cocaine) on the street

Cuz, Cuzz - Crips member

Cuzzin - Cripping; being a gangster


DDP - Dominicans Don't Play gang

DK - Disciple Killer

D Mecca - Five Percenter's name for Detroit, MI

DWB - Dirty White Boys prison gang

Da Jungle - Brooklyn, NY

Da Projects - Sing Sing Prison

Damu - Swahili for "Blood"; used by Bloods

Dawg (dog) - Friendly greeting for someone

DC Boys - A Washington D.C. African American prison gang

De Corazon - Used by Neta; Spanish for "From the heart"

Dead Presidents - Currency; money

Dead Rag - Red rag; derrogatory term used by Crips for the Bloods red colors

Death Row - New York City

Def - Slang - short for death

Demonstration - Gang fight

Desert - Five Percenter name describing Queens, NY

Deuce and a half - 25 caliber semi-automatic pistol

Dime - 10 year prison sentence; $10 bag of drugs

Dis - Slang for "disrespect"

Disciple Queen - Disciple gang's female sex object

Dissed Out - Given no respect; disrespect

Dissin - Disrespecting another person

Divorced - To get out of a gang

Do a ghost - To leave the area

Doing A Rambo - Attack a person

Dog - Gun (used by Jamaican Posses)

Dogging - Mistreating someone

Dog Pound - East Coast street gang

Doing a jack - Committing a robbery

Don - Next rank under "king"

Donuts - Derogatory term for Black Gangster Disciples

Double deuce - 22 caliber weapon

Double O.G. - 2nd generation gang banger

Down - Connected with - as in "He's down with the set."

Down for the hood - Loyalty to the neighborhood

Down for mine - Ability to protect one's self

Down with the set - Everything's fine; O.K.

Do you want to ride - Tear his ass up

Draped - Wearing a lot of jewelry

Dressed down - Wearing gang related colors

Drinking 40's - Drinking 40 ounce bottles of malt liquor

Drippin - Colors

Drive-by shooting - A planned or a random shooting; sometimes used as an initiation for a new member

Drive up on - To plan and conduct an assault

Drop out - A prison gang member who defects from the organization

Dropping the flag - Quitting the gang

Dry Snitch - Someone who provides information to law enforcement but refuses to testify

Durag - Bandana (handkerchief) worn on the head; usually the gang colors

Dusted - Killed; high on Angel Dust


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