Public Enemy Number One - a racist gang, also known as PEN1 (sometimes pronounced penny), PEN1 Skins, or PEN1 Death Squad is only one of the many California gangs but has been a staple in the world of white supremacy in Southern California since the mid-1980's.  Originally modeled after the hard-line Nazi Skinheads of Europe, PEN1 members have become more criminally active and less politically oriented in the past several years.  Today Public Enemy Number One is poised to make a major impact in the world of white gangs.

Background and History - Public Enemy Number One

PEN1 was formed in, and had mainly operated out of, the Orange County area since the mid-1980's.  They were formed as a politically active gang of disenfranchised white youths who emulat4ed Nazi Skinheads from England and other European and American Nazi and Socialist organizations.

 PEN1 and 737

PEN1 members may be characterized by their white supremacist tattoos including swastikas, lightning bolts, and other Nazi and white supremacist symbols.  Gang-specific tattoos include the word "PEN1," "PDS," which stands for PEN1 Death Squad; and "737," which stands for PDS on a telephone keypad.

For the last several years, an increasing number of PEN1 members have been incarcerated in the California Department of Corrections (CDC) where they have begun to form alliances with other prisoners who share their white supremacist philosophy and hold a position of power within the world of incarcerated white inmate.  These white inmates include members of the Aryan Brotherhood (AB) and Nazi Low Riders (NLR) gangs - two violent white supremacist prison gangs.

PEN1has gradually moved away from the philosophies of the white supremacists of Europe upon which they were founded.  They are now modeling themselves after those seasoned white prison gang members with whom they have been in contact within prison.  Although PEN1 members still espouse a white supremacist philosophy, their main goal now is monetary gain through the sale of drugs - primarily methamphetamine - both in and out of prison and to increase their control of the criminal activity of the white gang members.  PEN1 members have been involved in property crimes, weapons violations, and acts of violence and extortion.  Like the AB and NLR, PEN1 members will associate with southern Hispanic gang members when money is at stake.  Black and northern Hispanic gang members are their sworn enemies  

SOURCE - California Department of Justice


PEN 1 Video (contains violent scenes)

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Ross Kemp investigates Public Enemy No. 1

Public Enemy Number One in the News


Typical White Supremacists Symbols

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