Parents are the first lines of defense in combating the gang problem.

It is up to each parent to show the child that they are loved. It is not enough to simply say, "I love you." The child needs parental interaction to show him or her that you really do love him and you care about his welfare. Youths join gangs for a variety of reasons.

Many youths join gangs because they do not have, or do not feel like they have, a family life. A gang promises to give this feeling of "family" to the youth. Other youths join gangs due to peer pressure, fear, excitement, drugs, money, or intimidation.

Whatever the reason, a parent needs to recognize the identifiers and telltale signs of gang membership in order to make every possible attempt to keep the youth in, or return him to, his "real family."

Educators are equally important in shaping a child's life. Like the parents, each teacher must show the child that they not only care about them as individuals, but also, about the future that lies ahead of each of them.

Schools should not allow gang clothing, colors, or gang signs and symbols to be worn or displayed on school grounds. "Zero tolerance" is a policy adopted by many school districts.

It is time for America to reclaim it's kids. It's time for all of society, parents, teachers, and communities to say enough is enough. It's time for everyone to learn about gangs and how to recognize them.

Just Say "No" To Gangs

Many years ago, First Lady Nancy Reagan, had a program she called "Just say no to drugs." The purpose of the program was to educate our youth about the dangers of drugs.

Today, a "Just say no to gangs" program could be a huge stepping stone to educating our kids. The education should begin at the earliest possible level since it has been documented that kids in elementary school have been known to become connected with gangs.

Classroom discussions about gangs are an excellent means to convey the proper message to the students. These discussions can lead to a real learning experience, not only for the students, but for the educator as well.

The following video is from a recent gang awareness class that I gave to approximately 300 citizens in the city of Lafayette, Indiana


Why Kids Join Gangs

  • To gain a sense of belonging and sense of attachment

  • To escape intolerable situations at home

  • To emulate admired persons -older siblings, mother, father, tough guys in the neighbor

  • To escape poverty

  • Forced into membership (through threats and intimidation; peer pressure)

  • To become rich and powerful

  • To "Get Back" at society

  • To experience adventure and excitement

  • To be "Somebody" or gain respect

  • Environmental survival

Gangs Recruiting In Schools


Initiations, usually a jump-in like the one in the video below, occur every day in our schools


Best viewed in full screen


The following video is meant to have an effect on everyone

Gang life is not about living - it is about dying!



The following video in three parts is valuable information for every community

Las Vegas Gangs: not our kids! Part 1

Las Vegas Gangs: not our kids! Part 2


Las Vegas Gangs: not our kids! Part 3


Everyone must learn

Like the parents, the educator, without some knowledge as to how to identify gangs, will not recognize the signs of gang activity and therefore lose a valuable tool; a tool or aid that not only will assist in communications and interactions with the students, but with other educators, parents and law enforcement.


Parents Guide to Gangs

This pocket guide contains information on behaviors associated with joining gangs, common gang identifiers, and what parents can do.  An individual may order up to 100 free copies in English or Spanish.  To order, CLICK HERE.




Tippecanoe County, Indiana Project Safe Neighborhoods

What a community can do!!!



Acknowledge The Existence of Gangs In Your Community


  The link below is a viewer participation web site for youths, parents, teachers and citizens.  Follow the conversations and answer questions when they are asked for follow-up information.

Questions and Answers About Gangs


Consulting Solutions Inc. - CSI - Criminal Street Gang Intelligence

What is CSI?

Consulting Solutions Inc./Criminal Street gang Intelligence serves in more than 22 states around the United States with headquarters in Delaware and New Jersey.  CSI is also the National Concerned Officers Organization On Gang Activities Inc.

The National Consulting Solution Inc family focuses on keeping children out of gangs and violence and away from racial bias and hate crime activities.  Teens experience a high rate of crime victimization than any other age group, twice that of the general adult population and ten times that of the elderly for violent crime.

One of the primary missions of CSI Is to bring together schools, community organizations, law enforcement, religious organizations, social service agencies, mental health providers,  concerned parents, young people and the general community to address timely issues that effect the community directly and indirectly.

Another new helpful web site

  • Created by former gang members, the Crown of Life Comics web site is about a group of Christians who are attempting to reach out to gang members young and old.  This site is well organized and offers gang related articles, videos, forums and more.

  • Crown of Life


Everyday, hundreds of our  youths, who are not gang members, are confronted by actual gang members who do everything they can to intimidate, coerce, or intimidate the non-gang member into joining.  Regardless of where you live, these scenarios may be taking place in your neighborhood, over and over each day.

For further information relating to gangs and gangs members in the home or school, please click the links below.

Sioux City Community Schools - Restrictions regarding apparel and symbols related to "gang activity."

A new educational video - Very graphic - viewer discretion advised

Violence Prevention Programs

    Other Assistance:

    Life Impact  -  Columbia, SC

    Life Impact is a leadership and life skills program designed to prepare youth for a successful future.  Life impact is not your average youth development program.  Seminars are planned with organized lessons that come alive with stories, music,  video clips, and other visual aids that support the message.

    Telephone:  803 269-9120

    Gang Prevention  -  Department of Youth and Workforce Services, Albany, NYT

    The City of Albany's Department of Youth and Family Services has successfully instituted a Gang Prevention Program (GPP)to work with the city's "at risk youth" ages 9 to 15, who may be at risk of joining a gang.

    National Assistance




    BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS OF AMERICA -1230 West Peachtree, Atlanta, GA 30309; 404-815-5764; national headquarters gang prevention through targeted outreach program.


    CHILD ABUSE HOTLINE - 800-482-5964; to report child abuse or neglect.

    NATIONAL CONGRESS OF PARENTS & TEACHERS - 700 Rush St., Chicago, Ill 60611; 312-670-6782

    NATIONAL GRAFFITI INFORMATION NETWORK - P.O. Box 400, Hurricane, UT 84737; 801-635-0646       

    Remember: The time to talk to your child about the pitfalls of gangs and gang membership is when the child is sitting in his chair at the dinner table…Not when he is about to sit in the electric chair!!!


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