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Prison Gang Name: Ņeta

Other Names: Ņeta; Asociacion Ņeta

Origin and history: The Ņeta (translation: new birth) formed in the Oso Blanco Prison in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico about 1979.  Ņeta is one of the largest and most violent prison gangs, with about 7,000 members in Puerto Rico and 5,000 in the United States. Ņeta chapters in Puerto Rico exist exclusively inside prisons; once members are released from prison they are no longer considered part of the gang. In the United States, Ņeta chapters exist inside and outside prisons in 36 cities in nine states, primarily in the Northeast. 

Ideology/Philosophy: The Ņeta prison gang formed to protect weaker inmates who were being preyed upon by a Group known as the G'27. They use the facade of a cultural organization and see themselves as oppressed people who are unwilling to be governed by the United States.

Membership Characteristics: Puerto Rican-American/ Hispanic

Leadership/Organizational Structure: The Ņeta hierarchy includes a president, vice president, recruiter, secretary, sergeant at arms and enforcer.

Geographic Locus: Throughout the prison system of Puerto Rico; Northeastern United States and Florida.   Ņeta chapters exist inside and outside prisons in 36 cities in nine states, primarily in the Northeast. 

Criminal Activities:  The gang's main source of income is retail distribution of powder and crack cocaine, heroin, marijuana and, to a lesser extent, LSD, MDMA, methamphetamine, and PCP. Ņeta members commit assault, auto theft, burglary, drive-by shootings, extortion, home invasion, money laundering, robbery, weapons and explosives trafficking, and witness intimidation.

Associated Organizations: Los Macheteros

Antagonistic Organizations: Los Solidos, 20 Luv,  In Puerto Rico their #1 rival is a group known as the G-27

Typical Identifiers: Ņeta colors are red, white, and blue. At times, blue is replaced with black.

Red represents blood that has been shed or will be shed. White represents peace, harmony and tranquility. Black indicates respect for Ņeta members who have lost their lives for Ņeta.

The 30th of each month, members come together to pay tribute to their fallen brothers.


The following video was filmed in several Puerto Rican prisons.  It tells both sides of the "Association" - the inmates side and those on the prison staff.


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