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According to an article in the California Correctional News, the Nazi Low Riders are the fastest growing gang in the California prison system.  They originated in California Youth Authority during the 1970's at Preston School of Industry, and recently have developed a power base from within Los Angeles and Orange Counties in Southern California.  From this power base, the NLR have spread hate throughout the State of California and the prison system.

They seem to recruit white members in the prison system from smaller, less active prison gangs whose members are "looking for a place to park their anger, hatred and predatory ways."

Over 1,000 NLR members have been identified in the system and because of their propensity for violence toward staff and other inmates there is grave concern.

It is believed that some of the NLR are aligned with, and owe allegiance to the Aryan Brotherhood. Other members of the NLR see themselves as a separate entity that will do anything to be more violent than the AB.

More NLR History, Photos and Oath

Tattoos usually are the letters NLR. Other tattoos may include swastikas, pictures of Adolph Hitler and other Nazi imagery.

From The Prisons To The Streets: The Nazi Low Riders Emerge In California

NOTE: The NLR are not limited to the State of California. They are rapidly spreading to many other parts of the United States.



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