Los Solidos Prison Gang

A Security Threat Group - STG

The Los Solidos gang formed about 1990 or 1991. It was formed for reasons of "self protection" and is basically comprised of two street gangs from Hartford, Connecticut - the "Ghetto Brothers" and the "Savage Nomads." Translated Los Solidos means "the solid ones."

The Los Solidos are considered to be a prison gang in Connecticut correctional facilities and they are also active in the streets of Hartford and Waterbury, CT

A committee which includes an executive president, vice president and five executive "stars" governs the Los Solidos.

The members identify themselves by wearing a bandana that is half blue and half red. This comes from the original colors of the Ghetto Brothers (blue) and the Savage Nomads (red); the combined colors denote solidarity between the two groups. They will also wear the tattoo depicted in the picture above.  The member's name will frequently appear in the tattoo.



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