415 - KUMI Prison Gang

A Black Security Threat Group - STG


The 415 KUMI is a Black gang that originated in the San Francisco Bay/Berkley area of California in 1985.  The are now referred to as the 415  KUMI.  415 represents the area code for the region.  When added together, the numbers 4+1+5 = 10.  KUMI is the Swahili word for “ten.”

The 415's advocate "taking back the streets" by any means necessary.  In California’s Folsom Prison, the 415’s have provided pools of inmates, such as the Bloods, for recruitment into the Black Guerilla Family prison gang – BGF.  They aspire to resume activities formerly carried out by the Black Guerilla Family. 

KUMI 415 have been reported to use prison guards to authorize violence against fellow inmates, such as the case in August of 2003 when former correctional officer Leon Holston was charged with aiding and abetting, battery with serious bodily injury, filing a false report by a peace officer and unlawful communication with a prisoner (Associated Press Newswires 9 Sep 2004).

The group is led by a supreme leader and will cooperate with the Bloods but not the Crips.

The image above symbolizes an Egyptian type Black man rising up from the continent of Africa.

 The 415’ KUMI have been reportedly incarcerated in the following California facilities:

  • Folsom State Prison

  • Monterey County Jail  
  • Pleasant Valley State Prison,  Coalinga
  • Salinas Valley State Prison


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