Originally, gangs advertised their existence and posted their messages in the form of graffiti. This graffiti could be found everywhere, on walls, fences, subway cars, signs, sidewalks, and even railway freight cars. Now, with computers being relatively accessible to anyone, gangs have entered the world of cyberspace. Web sites, chat rooms, and message boards catering to the gang culture are popping up on the Internet in increasing numbers.

According to a recent report by COURT TV, gang members are using the Internet to discuss crimes in private chat rooms and offer gang banger wannabes (a misused term) a chance to enlist by posting membership applications online. It is estimated that that these gang sites run in the tens of thousands but only 20 to 30 percent are run by actual gang members.

The links below are gang related. Gangs OR Us cannot vouch for their authenticity. Most contain gang "art", photos, and other creative work, including "gangsta rap" background music.

Advisory: The language on some of the links below may be profane and/or derogatory. Also, many of the sites contain "pop-up" advertisements, over which Gangs OR Us has no control.


Brothers of Struggle



Gangster Disciples

Latin Kings


People Nation

Latin Kings


      Vice Lords

Unknown Affiliation

Gangsta Videos

  • Sureños - Welcome to National City
  • Mr. Shadow - Hood Soldier
  • Nationwide Rip Rydaz (Crips)
  • G's and LOCZ


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