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Graffiti Signs and Symbols

Symbols are an important part of the gang culture - to both street gangs and prison gangs.  Signs and symbols are used to identify a particular gang or to intimidate gangs and disrespect rival gangs. While most symbols are used to identify individual gangs, some signs and symbols are used to identify a gang as part of an alliance of many gangs, sometimes called a "nation."

These symbols may be seen in many forms. Some are known universally, such as a heart, a pyramid, a walking cane or a five or six pointed star. These symbols have all been adopted by gangs and have become nationally known symbols used to represent certain gangs. Other symbols have been created or drawn and have also become well known.

The following posters contain examples of symbols used by various gangs.  These posters were distributed in Indiana to over 600 law enforcement and corrections officers who attended training classes presented by

Gangs OR Us


Examples of Gang Identifiers



Please note that not every follower of the ICP is involved in gang activity.

In addition to appearing as tattoos, the following examples may be found in graffiti.


Other Gang Symbols

Examples of Blood and Crips Alphabets  Symbols Included

Gangs OR Us

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