When working with youths, do you know what gang identifiers to look for?  Whether you are a parent, teacher, a law enforcement or correctional officer, during these times it is imperative that you have some knowledge of gangs and their identifiers. Street gangs are not a new or recent phenomenon. They have had a presence in the United States for over two hundred years. The gangs of today did not invent gang signs or symbols; they did not invent a particular type of clothing to identity the gang; they did not invent murder as part of the gangs criminal activities nor did they invent the use of drugs or the sale of drugs. With few exceptions, the gangs of today have simply expanded and amplified that which has been part of the gang culture for years.

The links below all contain information that will assist an individual in determining if a son or daughter, a pupil, or a group of youths on the street or correctional facility, may possibly be a member or potential member of a street gang or a prison gang.




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