Dead Man Inc Prison Gang - DMI

Security Threat Group (STG)

The Dead Man Inc, prison gang originated as a white gang in the Maryland Department of Corrections about the late 1990's .  Perry Roark, one of the original three founders, was respected by the members of the Black Guerilla Family prison gang in the system, but when he tried to join them he was rejected.

Although rejected by the Black Guerrilla Family, the founders of Dead Man Inc. prison gang adopted the BGF basic philosophy which is anti-government and anti-authority.  The Dead Man Inc quickly grew in numbers, absorbing smaller gangs along the way,  and today it is the third largest gang in the MD DOC,  They are known for their violence against inmates and staff and will reportedly do contract murders for the Black Guerrilla Family. 

The DMI has now spread outside of the prison walls to the streets and to several other states.  In it's haste to grow, some of the lower level leaders allowed non-whites to join and an order was issued that all non-whites had to leave the gang by 4/13/09 or face the consequences.  It is unknown what effect this edict had on the membership.

Right - The date 4/13/09 had significant meaning; 4-13-9 represents letters of the alphabet that correspond to  those numbers - D-M-I

Left - The DMI sometimes use the color black as an identifier.  They also use the "eye and pyramid" symbol found on a U.S. dollar bill.  The eye represents strength and knowledge and the pyramid represents power.



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