Aryan Circle Prison Gang (AC)

A Security Threat Group (STG)

The Aryan Circle prison gang (AC) is one of the newer white supremacist prison gangs in the Texas prison system.  They are making a name for themselves and growing quite violently with deadly attacks against the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas prison gang. It is believed that a suspected Aryan Circle prospect was responsible for an officer's murder at a southern prison in Texas Department of Criminal Justice in December of 1999. Following that vicious murder, another Aryan circle member stabbed and killed an Aryan Brotherhood of Texas member at a nearby facility.

According to sources, the Aryan Circle was founded in 1985 by Mark Gaspard and was formed due to the fact that some "Whites" had become too radical in their beliefs. The Aryan Circle is believed to consist of three branches; incarcerated men and incarcerated women and an external branch which consists of non-criminal "White" men in the free world. The original AC patch, or tattoo, is a small circle usually worn below the left breast. Their hierarchy consists of a president, vice president, majors, captains, and several other titles.

Beliefs of the AC include separation of the white race from all others for the betterment and preservation of the race. They consider their enemies to be all who are against them and those who attempt to oppress them. Some members are ex-ABT members. The AC have now been designated as a Security Threat Group and members, when identified, are placed in administrative segregation.

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